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We guarantee that your vehicle will be serviced by manufacturer trained technicians using only genuine parts so that your car continues to perform the way the engineers who built it intended.

All of our VAG services comply with EU block exemption laws so your manufacturer warranty is completely protected when your car is serviced with us, which means you can benefit from big savings on your service compared to main dealer prices.

Check out our full range of services below.

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VAG servicing


We can check your car for it's MOT inspection and also take care of the MOT itself.

FSI Valve

Also known as de-coking, this is a labour intensive process that uses hard work rather than chemicals to clean your exhaust valves. This is the only way to clean them effectively in our experience.


From a simple bulb headlight upgrade to a full re-wire, we can take care of all your wiring needs.


From a simple pad swap to a full race big brake system, we can make you stop!


Blocked injectors can cause your engine to mis-fire and lead to poor running conditions. We can now clean these on-site.


Snapped cambelt? Seized water pump? Worn camshaft? We can repair all types of engine faults.


From a minor inspection service to a full blown major service. We even replace items that the official dealers won't tell you about!

Airbag light

We can reset your airbag warning light and other dash warning lights


We have the official VAG tool for re-pressurising your DRC shock absorbers. Or why not consider replacing them for a quality coil-over kit? The choice is yours!

We are the only specialist in the North West to have factory supplied full diagnostic equipment.

Worried about buying a used car? Get some peace of mind and use our pre-purchase inspection.

From a split rad to a leaking intercooler, we can replace with OEM or upgraded parts for better performance and cooling.

We now offer
GDI/FSI injector cleaning

We have the ability to test and clean GDI/FSI Injectors for cars of all makes and models.
This means that you no longer need to spend hundreds of pounds to replace faulty and leaking injectors.
You can either bring your car to us and we'll do the rest or alternatively, send us your injectors for testing / cleaning.
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Injector Cleaning